Ultrafast laser (picosecond whose pulse width is shorter than 10ps and femtosecond laser) due to its ultra short pulse width, short reaction time and high energy density, can realize the extreme precision manufacturing effect which has never been done,and it is the hot research field internationally. The unique interaction between ultra fast laser and the material has greatly expanded the potential and the range of laser manufacturing. It can realize the sub micron and nano manufacturing, ultra high manufacturing precision and the whole material manufacture. In recent years, the development of ultrafast laser technology has been in fast rate, with the increasing average power pulse width, the expanding of the scope of the width and greatly increased repetition rate and the processing efficiency, ultrafast laser has become practical and reliable industrial product from delicate laboratory instrument. Study on the development of ultrafast laser technology and its innovative application has been the leading trend in the laser field.

The application of ultrafast laser has great prospect:intelligent mobile phone touch screen cutting,film etching, solar cell wafer dicing, circuit board micro drilling, as well as in micro nano structure, biological research, medical appliances and so on.Some applications has already been playing their role ,while new applications are emerging, which will continue to lift up the new height of micro nano& precision manufacturing technology.

"2016 Ultrafast Lasers & Micro-nano Fabrication Conference " contains 4 themes: (1) the leading front ultra fast laser micro nano manufacturing; (2) the latest development of ultrafast laser technology; (3) new progress in ultrafast laser processing; (4) the typical industrial application of ultra fast laser processing. The meetings will focus on the 4 themes ,and domestic and international well-known enterprises and university ,leaders in the field will be invited to explore the current situation and future trends in laser micro processing, and give talks of hot issues in the field of glass, sapphire, ceramic, touch screen, medical devices etc.and laser precision machining.

Industry development

The application of ultrafast laser started more than 10 years ago. In recent years, with the technology breakthrough and commercialization of high power picosecond, femtosecond laser and optical fiber laser, ultra fast laser has been applied to the practical industrial production from laboratory ,and become a trend in laser industry and academic field.Ultra fast laser can solve processing problems in the conventional method and realize amazing processing performance, resulting in significant economic and social benefits. Along with the German "industrie 4.0" and "China made 2025", the future demand of high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, high precision manufacturing will be significantly increased,and ultra fast laser and advanced micro nano processing technology will meet with the new rapid development and opportunities. It Is expected that till 2020, the total amount of ultra fast laser market will exceed over1.5 billion dollars.